The Mapping Ocean Wealth Mapping Portal ( has a new look! While upgrading to a new platform, the MOW team has added a number of new features and improvements in functionality. Key updates include:

  • The ability to download spatial data for selected datasets directly from the platform. This was one of our most requested features!
  • Advanced searching and filtering features to find data resources of interest, based on geography, ecosystem service, and habitat
  • Bookmarking function to save datasets of interest for future access on the site
  • Addition of selected datasets from external sources (e.g., Global Mangrove Watch) to add to the map
  • Ability to add additional MOW datasets to the map while using the apps
  • Updated data and statistics for mangrove restoration, mangrove blue carbon, and global tidal marshes

These enhancements were built following an extensive user experience testing initiative in 2022 which gathered feedback from various user profiles ranging from novice to expert.

The specialized apps for which MOW is known are still available and can be found through the landing page or data resources page. Specialized apps contain curated datasets that are intended to address a specific coastal or marine ecosystem service to inform conservation, mitigation, and/or adaptation planning by providing statistics, charts and other resources to assist with interpretation of the map data.

We are very open to feedback and comments on the new site – please email with your thoughts.