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Mapping Ocean Wealth is a dynamic project, continuously developing and evolving in the five focus regions. Stay current by signing up for the Mapping Ocean Wealth news and by reading stories and news about project developments. See all stories.


Mapping Ocean Wealth
The series of Mapping Ocean Wealth infographics show quantitative examples about how and where ocean’s benefits are produced and delivered. View infographics.

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The Mapping Ocean Wealth team produces peer-reviewed papers, reports, articles and more. For the latest publications, see below. All links are provided with some available via download at the Mapping Ocean Wealth resource library on the Conservation Gateway.

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The Mapping Ocean Wealth team actively engages with and advances ocean-related policy developments around the work. For the latest policy briefs, see below. For more, visit the Mapping Ocean wealth Resource library on the Conservation Gateway.


Mapping Ocean Wealth provides decision- makers with easily accessible tools that translate the science into actions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mapping Ocean Wealth?

Informed by science, communications and policy work, Mapping Ocean Wealth visualizes in quantitative terms all that the ocean does for us today, so that we make smarter investments and decisions impacting the ocean of tomorrow.

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2. Where is Ocean Wealth being used or developed?

Mapping Ocean Wealth is currently being applied and developed in these Project Areas : Atlantic Coast/USA, Caribbean, Gulf of California/Mexico, Indonesia, Micronesia.

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3. What are ecosystem services and what services does Ocean Wealth address?

Ecosystem Services are the benefits that ecosystems provide to people. Mapping Ocean Wealth currently addresses Fisheries, Recreation & Tourism, Natural Coastal Protection, and Carbon.

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4. What ecosystems does Ocean Wealth address?

Mapping Ocean Wealth currently addresses Coral Reefs, Mangroves, Salt Marshes, Shellfish Reefs, Seagrass beds, and Pelagic Waters.

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5. How does Ocean Wealth involve communities?

It is only at the finest scales that ecosystem service modelling and mapping can build towards an accurate reflection of reality. Every ecosystem service is produced by a complex interaction of physical, ecological and human drivers. Likewise its value is driven by a range of social, cultural and economic factors that vary and are highly dependent on the perceptions and the realities of communities. This is not a top-down theory of change, with external forces telling stakeholders how they should behave, but rather one that informs stakeholders and gives them access to maps and data that will help them make evidence-based decisions. It is collaborative, open to multiple voices both within and beyond the conservation sector, and committed to sharing data and best practices.

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6. When will the Ocean Wealth mapping site be available for use?

The website should be ready for use by early Fall 2015

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7. How can I be involved with the Ocean Wealth community of practice?

Mapping Ocean Wealth depends on collaboration. Growing numbers of others are working on the quantification and visualization of ecosystem services – the need for this information is great and there can only be benefits from data sharing, collaboration, and making that information easily accessible to all. We need your voice and ideas to help us grow our work. There are a number of ways you can get involved: 1) Volunteer to assist with our work 2) Contribute data or publications. 3) Share with us ideas or collaboration opportunities. 4) Share our work with colleagues, decision makers, and your community.

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8. How do I ensure I receive the latest Ocean Wealth updates?

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