Communications is at the heart of Mapping Ocean Wealth. Whether it is through peer-reviewed publications, blogs, social media or engaging infographics, we understand that we must communicate our exciting work.

These online resources are meant for everyone, from insiders who work in ecosystem services to people who are simply interested in learning more about our oceans and the value they provides to our global community.

Atlas of Ocean Wealth

The Atlas of Ocean Wealth is the largest collection to date of information about the economic, social and cultural values of coastal and marine habitats from all over the world.


Mapping Ocean Wealth’s infographics provide highly visual and quantitative examples of exactly how and where ocean’s benefits are produced and delivered. View infographics.

Research Library

Members of the Mapping Ocean Wealth team are frequent authors of leading peer-reviewed papers, reports, articles, blogs and more.


Mapping Ocean Wealth is continuously developing and evolving. Stay current with our Spotlight pieces highlighting our most recent work.